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You Never Know Who You Will Have Lunch With

You never know who you will have lunch with. We can plan the simple things in the day, like what to eat, or what to wear, but when at a conference, in a different city, in a different Province, with a different time zone, you just can’t be too certain. Today marks a day in which I can say I am so grateful to God for our divine lunch with a couple I am not sure we will ever see again, but sure hope so! Their names are Carol and Chuck. These two chose to sit with us amidst a swarm of folks of all sorts at the ballroom luncheon. From my understanding, they weren’t even a part of the Gideon’s conference in Toronto. They were here to have lunch and to visit with their daughter afterwards. As we ate our organic greens and baked Atlantic salmon, we began to small talk which then snow balled into life talk, my favourite. As they asked about our story, they began to share their story. The gentleman, Chuck began to express to us how he doesn’t do cancer and when years ago, after being diagnosed with prostate cancer, he shook his head and said to the doctor, “Sorry doctor, I don’t do cancer.” My heart leaped. Yes! That’s it! I don’t do cancer either, and won’t. I refuse. This lunch turned into a pep talk, a huddle, perhaps an insight to a perspective we had not expected. It was as if God ordained these God fearing individuals into our breaking of bread to discuss God’s business and His sovereign truth. As Chuck spoke with authority, love, and certainty, I no longer felt I was at a lunch table, but more so at a business table, talking business, God’s business. God’s business is love. God’s business is provision and protection. I paid no attention to the other three hundred individuals in this large banquet room. No one else mattered to me. What mattered were the strategic words of wisdom God was using Chuck to deliver to us; how much Sean is LOVED by His Heavenly father. Each time Chuck spoke that truth over Sean, it was like a bulldozer breaking earth….there is ground being ripped apart. There is ground being tilled. You see, there are seeds being planted, and there will be fruit produced in absolute perfection as God continues to pour His unlimited mercy and grace over our situation. Sean and I left this lunch in absolute speechlessness, unable to fully comprehend how we were completely inspired, refreshed, and pumped with purpose. We pointed our fingers at this wickedness and declared with authority, “We don’t do cancer.” And we never will.

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