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What If?

I finished reading a book last week entitled, “If'” by Mark Batterson. Mark pastors a church in Washington, DC.

(from the website…)

That tiny two letter word… the hinge on the door of possibilities. Some of us are stuck in if only, living lives marked by regret. But God can turn your if only regrets into a what if attitude, a faith that looks forward to the future with holy confidence. There are 1,784 ifs in the Bible.

The most significant? “If God is for us, who can be against us?” It’s the game changer! God is always on our side—every day, in every way.

This book has inspired, encouraged, and challenged me in many ways. It has inspired me to step out and try new things. The book has encouraged me on days when the walls seem liked they were closing in on me. It has also challenged me to reevaluate things, and priorities in my life.

An exercise I started doing when I started reading the book was asking the question – what if? I think it is an important question all of us need to ask ourselves from time to time.


What if I didn’t have stomach issues?

What if I waited longer to see my doctor?

What if I had went sooner to see my doctor?

What if I didn’t have a colonoscopy done?

What if they didn’t find anything?

What if I didn’t do chemo?

What if I decided to continue with chemo?

What if I didn’t change my diet?

What if I didn’t start with natural treatment therapies?

What if I just tried?

What if I launched this idea?

What if I decided to….?

You get the point! We could go on and on forever doing this, but we won’t. The point I am trying to make is this – asking ourselves the question ‘what if,’ from time to time has the potential for being the catalyst for change in our lives. I have lived a comfortable life for way to long – it’s time to start asking – what if?

Don’t stop asking questions. Stay hungry. Stay curious! Let God take your “if only” worries and use them as a springboard to a new future. Today, let’s trade our if only regrets for God’s what if possibilities!

I would love to know your – ‘what if?’ Leave a comment below. Thanks for stopping by.

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