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What A Ride!

No one hands you an instructional manual when you are diagnosed with cancer. Yes, sure, doctors do their best to prepare you for the upcoming battle, but nothing can fully prepare you physically, spiritually, and especially mentally for what you are about to face. You can read books, ask questions, watch testimonials, and do whatever else you would like to do, it still won’t be enough to fully prepare yourself and your family. This isn’t a 100 metre sprint. This a life marathon we are now running.

I have written many times in the past about this journey being a bit of a roller coaster ride. I’m not a fan of roller coasters. I have been on a few in my lifetime, but you won’t see me running to stand in line for a ride. The last few days have felt like a horrible, roller coaster ride, and all I want to do is get off.

I know all of this will pass, but the toll it takes on you can be overwhelming at times. For me, the battle is always in my mind! Even earlier today, I envisioned myself waving a white flag. I felt like I had come to the end of my rope today. I had no energy, and my body has been aching for a couple of days. I had let my thoughts get the better of me. When you allow your thoughts to run rampant, you are headed for a world of trouble. Trust me. I know.

It is a constant fight to remain optimistic, but fight I will! You can count on it.

As my mother Patricia would always say,

“Don’t worry, this too shall pass!”

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