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It’s not easy asking for help.

Our pride gets in the way.

It can be embarrassing to ask for help.

You are afraid of what others are going to think about you.

What are people saying behind your back?

There are a lot of ‘reasons’ that keep people from asking for help.

No one wants to admit, or show weakness.

But the reality is, we all need help. There are times and seasons in all of our lives when we will need to reach out, and utter the four letters – HELP!

That’s the problem! – Reaching out to others. It can be so hard to do.

Over the past 6 months, our family has been loved on, cared for, prayed over, encouraged, and comforted by many people. The generosity and support that has been extended to our family has been incredible! Words are inadequate to describe or express my heart-felt gratitude to all who have helped our family through this difficult time.

That is why it pains me to ask for help once again.

I have wrestled with writing this for the past few weeks as my pride keeps getting in the way. Jamie and I have been praying and discussing what we should do. We know it seems crazy to many of you the path we have chosen to fight this deadly disease, but we feel this is the path we are to take. It would be obviously easier, and cheaper to go the conventional route, but we are not willing to go down that path again.

Because of our choice, we now have to live with new realities.

The cost of weekly treatments. (Approx. $1600 per week)

The cost of my medications. (A few hundred a month)

Even the cost of food. (Don’t ask)

We are not looking for a bailout – just help, as we know we are not the only ones facing difficult times. We are also thinking of ways to create new revenue streams because we will need them to keep covering the ongoing costs of this long, journey ahead. Here are a few ideas we are working on…

Jamie is a gifted cook and I have been trying to encourage her to try to sell some of her creations. The other day she made some of her homemade protein bars for a friend who decided to give her a few bucks for them. It was so satisfying seeing Jamie get so excited about the possibilities. If you or if you know anyone who would be interested in some of Jamie’s incredible cooking let us know, and send us an email at We are still working on the details, but we are very excited about this.

We have also created some other items to sell such as: etsy type prints, t-shirts, and wood coasters to try and sell to help cover the ongoing costs.

This may seem desperate to some, and I agree – it is. I am desperate. Wouldn’t you be? I want to live! I not ready to die. I don’t want to be embarrassed or afraid to ask for help – so I am asking for your help. If you can help out great! If not, we understand. Maybe you can’t help in a tangible way, but maybe you know someone who can. I am helping a few companies out right now with their social media as I have a lot of time sitting around during my treatments. I am looking for ways to not only pass the time, but if there are things I can do, or help with than I want to. I also have experience with Photoshop and website design. If you know anyone, would you consider sharing a story with them? We could use all the help we can get right now. Thanks.

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