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The Grace Of God – Book Review

I just finished reading Andy Stanley’s book, “The Grace Of God.” In the past I have read a few other titles by Andy Stanly and have watched many of the online sermons posted to the North Point Church website. The subject of grace is an important one to me. It is what I long for and something I have experienced and yet is still a mystery to me. Andy did a great job with beginning in the OT and walking us right through to the NT. I spent a lot of my time highlighting and underlining much of what I read. Below I will share some of the statements that impacted me the most. Grace is something we all long for and yet struggle to extend to others. I know this is an area I struggle with and one of the reasons I picked up this book. I would definitely recommend this book to others. It’s not a text book or a how to book. It is a book reminding us of God’s story. It is a reminder of His love for us and His grace towards us even when we didn’t do anything to deserve it.

Here are some quotes that stood out to me.

“Grace cannot be earned.”

“Grace is best understood within the context of relationship.”

“Grace is the offer of exactly what we do not deserve.”

“Grace is never just enough. Grace is always far more than enough.”

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