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Stage 4

We decided we would walk to the hospital this morning. It was a short, brisk walk from our house to the clinic. It’s kind of nice living so close to the hospital in light of our situation. We arrived on the second floor of the cancer wing and proceeded to the front desk. I checked in wand was given a bunch of paperwork to fill out. Jamie and I took our seat in the waiting room and filled out the all the necessary forms. It didn’t take too long to fill everything out, so I returned the forms to the nurse at the desk and took my seat. I was nervous at all. I actually was quite excited to finally get the ball rolling. We waited about 20 minutes and then it was time to meet with the doctor. We were ushered into a small, sterile room. We waited a few more minutes before the door opened and a young lady walked through the door. She introduced herself as Denise and that she would be collecting a little more background information on me before i was to meet with Dr. Ahmed. After about 15 minutes of answering her questions and taking some time to ask her some questions, it was finally time to meet with the doctor. Dr. Ahmed introduced himself and sat down next to me and spent a few seconds looking over my file. He asked me a bunch of questions and then it was time for him to do a physical. I was too excited about this, but hey, whatever. I got up on the table and followed the doctors instructions. Let’s just say he was thorough. After the physical examination I got dressed again and took my seat. He told me everything looked and sounded good. That was positive! As we sat in there in the examining room, Dr. Ahmed began to inform us about what our next steps would be. The tumor in my colon will be left alone right now because they are concerned about the spots on my liver. We knew that there were spots on my liver and on my lungs but what he told us next was a punch right in the face. He informed us that the spots on my liver are cancer. It is stage 4 liver cancer. Are you kidding me? I just sat there stunned. Jamie too. Dr. Ahmed informed us that the best course of action will be chemotherapy. We listened to what he had to say and left the room speechless. Our heads were spinning. What were we going to do? Before we left the office we asked about the success rates of chemo and the mortality rates. He could give us a definitive answer as he is not a specialist in this area but he did say that the mortality rate in the past with this type of cancer is 5 years. Now we respect what the doctors have to say and we will do what they suggest to do, but we continue to hold onto our anchor.

Hebrews 6

Family Life

Stewardship of Time

If you only had 24 hours to live, what would you do?

Time is one of our most valuable assets, but without proper perspective, we may spend it foolishly. Rather than a friend, we have allowed time to become a tyrant. Have you ever noticed when asking someone how they are doing, their general response is, “I am good, but I am so busy.” Why is that? Why have we allowed time to slip away from us? Listen to what it says in Ephesians 5:15-16,

“15 See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, 16 redeeming the time, because the days are evil.”

Wise people know how to use time to their advantage. Fools waste time. To walk circumspectly means to look around about on all hands, to be every way watchful, cautious. To redeem the time means to buy up these moments, which others seem to throw away. It means seizing opportunities, to rescue or recover our time from waste.

Our use of time will reflect our priorities. God desires for us to make the most of the time we have here on earth. None of us knows the exact amount of time we will be here, but we need to make the most by diligently spending our time on things that are eternal.

We have been called to a life of stewardship. Stewardship is a lifestyle acknowledging everything we have because of Jesus! Time is important because there are things God has for us to do. So the question needs to be asked, what are you spending your time on? Things that are eternal and matter to God or things that won’t last?