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Stage 4

We decided we would walk to the hospital this morning. It was a short, brisk walk from our house to the clinic. It’s kind of nice living so close to the hospital in light of our situation. We arrived on the second floor of the cancer wing and proceeded to the front desk. I checked in wand was given a bunch of paperwork to fill out. Jamie and I took our seat in the waiting room and filled out the…

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Family Life

Stewardship of Time

If you only had 24 hours to live, what would you do? Time is one of our most valuable assets, but without proper perspective, we may spend it foolishly. Rather than a friend, we have allowed time to become a tyrant. Have you ever noticed when asking someone how they are doing, their general response is, “I am good, but I am so busy.” Why is that? Why have we allowed time to slip away from us? Listen to what…

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