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Some Words Are Hard To Shake

  • It’s not everyday you are told you will only have 6 months to live if you stop taking chemo.

    That’s what my oncologist told my wife and I nearly 6 months ago.

    His words still echo in my ears.

    Those words hit me like a freight train. My knees buckled. What are you suppose to do with news like that?

    I remember leaving his office in a fog. I was confused. What just happened? What did he just say?

    Jamie and I left the cancer clinic that day in utter shock! We knew what we were doing was (and is) the right decision. We had a hard time wrapping our minds around the theory of chemo. It didn’t (and doesn’t) make sense to us. I am not here telling anyone what they should do when it comes to your how you should treat your cancer. After a lot of research, some personal experience, and wise counsel, I knew stopping chemo was best course of action for me to take.

    Cancer is a personal choice nowadays.

    It wasn’t always like that. Just a few years ago there were only 3 viable options to treat cancer: chemo, radiation, or surgery.

    Today, there are other options. Clinics and ND’s all over the world are doing great things working with people who are diagnosed with cancer. Sadly, these ‘alternative methods’ and others are not given the recognition they deserve. There are some amazing success stories out there if people who have been healed because they took control of their lives.

    People are realizing that cancer isn’t a death sentence – in many cases – it is a wake up call!

    I am thankful for the path we have chosen to walk at this time in our lives. We really do feel the Lord’s leading in our lives. It sure has been ride though. We don’t know what each day holds, but who does?

    It’s coming up on 6 months since that doctor spoke those words. Although I can still hear them at times ringing in my ears – I refuse to let them define me.

    All I know is I am very thankful for each day I have and I want to enjoy those close to me and encourage as many as I can along the way.

    We only have today – make the most of it!

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