My Appointment

I had an appointment this afternoon with my ND. I look forward to these appointments, because I learn so much about a variety of topics. My ND is a very knowledgeable and has been practicing for 30 + years. Today’s appointment was unlike any other. We greeted each other with the typical pleasantries, and got right down to business. He did his testing like he does every week, but it wasn’t what he did, it was what he said. It was out of no where. I don’t even remember exactly what he said, I just know how impacting it was. We were discussing the importance of living life and the a major part of the battle when on a healing journey is in the mind. The doctor shared a few encouraging stories about previous patients who underwent similar treatments, and how keeping their mind sharp was a key in their healing journey. He gave me some great tips, and it was comforting knowing he had a genuine concern for my well being. As I left the office, I felt invigorated, and optimistic about the future.

Today’s appointment, was just what the doctor ordered.

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