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Knowing What To Do

One of the greatest struggles we have had as a family on this journey is knowing exactly what to do. Do we listen and follow the instructions of the Doctor? Do we seek out other counsel? Should we follow what our gut is telling us to do? Do we do nothing? Everything? This has been the most difficult part of our journey as it has created some pretty intense conversations between my wife and I. Everyday I am asking for guidance and wisdom as to know what the right steps are to take. I am not writing this in search of counsel. God knows how much counsel we have received since the diagnosis. I write this to share about the struggle. The struggle is real and everyday I question whether what I am doing right now is the right course of action. I believe it is, but we won’t really know until my next CT Scan and MRI. In the meantime, we will continue to do everything we can to overcome this horrible disease. #idontdocancer

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