Family Health Journey Update

Just Keep Going!

Those are the words I hear echoing in my ears over and over again.

I take comfort in them, for I know Who it is who whispers them to me. They bring me peace and confidence – knowing that I am not alone. Never!

For the longest time I struggled with my thought life since the diagnosis. Everyday I would think about dying. I would constantly feel sorry for myself. I was was constantly gripped with fear of leaving my wife and kids behind. I don’t want to die, I am too young – I would tell myself. My thought life was consumed by a dark and ominous cloud, and it didn’t want to leave. It hung over my head for a real long time.

Well, my thought life has become a lot more positive the past few months. I don’t remember when the clouds began to break. It was a slow, painful, and gradual process – which isn’t quite over.

I must admit that I am so thankful that my mind isn’t consumed with death any longer, but it is filled with thoughts of a fun and fantastic future with my family. Don’t get me wrong, the fight isn’t over, but lately things have been going quite well in the ’emotions department’ for all of us in the Sabourin household. Don’t get me wrong, we still have our challenges, but God is doing a really good job at calming the storms of our lives with His Presence. He is really good at what He does!

He continues to encourage us to just keep going…

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