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It’s Hard To Say No

Self discipline hasn’t always been a strong suit of mine. What can I say, I like certain things even though I know they are bad for me. But let’s face it, I’m not the only one who struggles in this area. The past few weeks have been difficult for many reasons but the one area I have struggled with is my eating habits. Food has been a comfort to me. When I am stressed, anxious, angry or whatever emotion I may be feeling at that moment I run to food. I used to run to cocaine to soothe myself but instead I changed one addiction for another – food. Nearly two years ago I weighed 270 pounds. I was unhappy and unhealthy. Food was a drug to me. I would eat like crap. Pop, chips, ice cream, chocolate, donuts, peanut butter & toast late at night, too much coffee and the list goes on and on. Food had become my god. I looked to food for comfort rather than to the One who comforts those who are broken-hearted. Prior to the news of my diagnosis I started to make changes in my eating habits but I still desired to eat unhealthily. I now juice quite often and cut out out foods I know brought me harm. I have enjoyed the new found energy and all the other positive benefits to changing the way I eat but it can still be a struggle. I still crave all the foods I once enjoyed but I know I can’t eat them. It’s hard to say no! When we were in Toronto this past week end we were a bit concerned about our food options. We didn’t know what to expect. Our hosts were so thoughtful and helpful. They provided us with healthy options. One of the foods I ate this week end which I said I would never eat was salmon. I actually liked it. In the past I was closed minded. I didn’t want to try things because I had already determined in my mind that they wouldn’t be good. Man, was I ever ignorant and arrogant. As this new chapter of our lives is being written I need to keep an open mind about food and I know I will need help to say no at times.

What do you find hard to say no to?

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