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It’s An Honour


Jamie and I are headed to Toronto on Thursday. We are pretty excited as we have never gone anywhere without our kids in nearly 8 years. We are so grateful for the help from her parents and sister while we are away. A few months ago I was in China with a small team telling the people in Communist China that Jesus loves them. We also were able to and give them a Bible. For many of the people it was the first time they ever held a Bible. This trip was organized by the Gideons International In Canada. It was a life changing experience. Prior to the trip, my friend Casey and I were headed back from the Visa office in Vancouver when we got to talking about my past. I shared with him how 15 years ago while I was in Teen Challenge the Gideons had come and shared with us about the work they do and they gave each of us a Bible. This was my very first Bible. Everyday I read it. I underlined verses that stood out to me and highlighted passages that were meaningful to me. Let’s just say, God used the Gideons in my life in a profound way. After hearing my story, Casey said, “hey, it would be great if you could come and share your story at the National Conference in August.” I said yes without any hesitation and I left it alone. A few months later I got an email inviting me to come and share. I was so excited and humbled by the opportunity of all the cool things I have the privilege of being a part of throughout the past few years. What makes this trip extra special is the fact that Jamie will be joining me. I’m the midst of all that is going on in our lives right now, this is a welcomed break. Our hope is that somehow while we are at this conference our story will be able to encourage someone. All I can say is what an honour!



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