It’s A Battle

Everyday is a battle.

I find myself constantly being bombarded in my mind with negative thoughts. Many people struggle in their minds. The largest battlefield isn’t in the Middle East, for many of us it is our minds. If we aren’t careful, we could end up losing the battle. We need to be prepared.

Lately, I have found myself fighting my mental battles with my thoughts and words. Every time my mind fills up with negative thoughts, I do my best by filling my thought life with truth, and positivity. A couple of statements I have been telling myself are: “you will live, and not die,” and “bent but not broken.” These two little statements have been so life-giving. It is important for any of us to fill our mouths and our minds in the midst of our battles. These statements and others can be life-giving during turbulent times. May your words be your weapons when facing dark, and difficult times.

Life can be a battle. Fill your mouth with positive declarations, and fight!

What battles are you facing?

Are you prepared?

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