I Am So Glad I Did This

There are days when I like routine, and there are others when I don’t. Right now, routine and me are good – real good. When Jamie and I started our family, we had no idea what we had gotten ourselves into. A baby? What do you do with that? Well, 3 kids later, we still don’t have a clue to what we are doing as parents.

What do babies have to do with this post you ask? Well, when we brought Nola home from the hospital we didn’t realize how important a routine was for a new baby. We flailed as parents. We tried this thing, and that thing, but to no avail. We felt as though we were failing our little girl. Jamie began to do extensive research, and she found how important it was to have your baby get into a routine.

Routine is everything!

When we finally established a routine for Nola, we found our lives became a little easier. Why didn’t anyone tell us sooner? We now had a strategy, and we were sticking with it. It took some time, but it worked. We reaped many positive dividends for having a routine for Nola. When the boys came into the family, we were already prepared. We knew how important having a routine for Memphis & River would be.

Prior to my diagnosis, I wasn’t very consistent with having any set personal routine. Things are different today. I have begun to develop a routine that I have found to be very helpful. Having this in place has not only helped my physical health, it has also helped my emotional health.

For me, I need routine!

I know not everyone is like that, and that’s ok.

Do what works best for you.

Here is a little sample of what a typical day looks like for me…

4:45AM – wake up
5AM – 7AM – don’t ask
7AM – breakfast
8AM – 10:30AM – vitamin c IV therapy & lymphatic detox
10:30AM – 12PM – break
11PM – 12PM – don’t ask
12PM – 2PM – lunch
2PM – 4PM – more treatments
4PM – 7PM – family time & supper, work or whatever
7PM – kids bedtime
8PM – 10PM – don’t ask, work, tv time, or whatever
10PM – bedtime

Pretty exciting eh?

Well, what about you? Do you have any routines?

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