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I Am Adopted!

Can you believe my name at birth was James Allen Mullett! I am so thankful God changes names.  When I was 10 weeks old I was adopted by Ray & Pat Sabourin because my biological mother was sent to prison.   She wanted a better life for me, and did what she felt was best which was to put me up for adoption.   Lately, I have been reading a lot of blogs from various people who are considering adoption or are in the process of adoption.  I think that is fantastic!  I wanted to share a few thoughts regarding what it is like to be adopted, some of the issues I had growing up and hopefully, if at all be a help to someone or a family out there.  So over the next couple of days I am going to write and even try to do a vlog or two which may be helpful.  If you are reading this and have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  I hope that in someway what I have to share will be able to help.

You Are Adopted | The day I found out I was adopted!

I remember the day vividly!  I was playing in my room when my mom and dad came to me and asked if I would come to the living room as they had something to tell me.  I left my room reluctantly as I wanted to continue to play and proceeded to the living room couch.  Without any hesitation, my dad (with a piece of paper in his hand) asked me if I knew what it meant to be adopted.  Now, you have to remember I was 4 years old at the time and the only thing on my mind were the toys in my room; so I nodded my head in agreement and from that moment on my life was completely altered.  I had no idea that I was adopted before this day.  My mom and dad were my mom and dad and my two sisters were (well, I better not say) no really, they were my sisters.  Although I didn’t know completely what was happening, my mom and dad told me I was their God chosen son and that I was a gift.  They didn’t go in to detail about the reasons behind my adoption or why I was adopted that day, but I remember for the first time I felt as though I was different.  In some weird way at the age of 4 I felt as though I didn’t belong and that there must be something wrong with me.  Why would a mother give up her child?

This is just the beginning of my story and I hope you come back over the next few days.  I know my story is one of many but I want my story to help families who have adopted or are considering adoption.  I want to be an encouragement but also help families be aware of some of the issues they ‘may’ face while raising an adoptive child.  If you know of someone who may benefit from this, please pass it on.

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