Journey Life


I strongly dislike hospitals. I know this shouldn’t be the case as I am sure countless people are helped everyday by our medical system. Today was the first time I had been in the hospital for a few weeks to have some blood work done. We are preparing for my port to removed but needed some blood work done beforehand, just to see how I am doing. I don’t know if you have ever experienced anything like this, but when I entered the hospital this morning, it felt like a heaviness trying to come on me. You could literally cut the heaviness/tension with a knife. I went to General Day Care and had my port flushed. As I sat there and looked around at my surroundings, I felt a sadness come over me. I wasn’t able to put my finger on it as to why, but I felt out of place as I sat there and waited for the nurses. Thankfully, I wasn’t there too long. I had my port flushed and I was able to go home. Even after I arrived at home, I could still feel the heaviness/sadness of my recent visit. This isn’t a feeling I want to experience for too long. I want these feelings to be gone and be far from me. The struggle is real and the fight continues . We will not quit!

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