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Hope Is Rising

What a week! This has been one of the most difficult, yet rewarding weeks I have ever experienced in my life. The week didn’t start out too great because of the news we received from my oncologist at the Abbotsford Cancer Clinic. It isn’t his fault, it’s just the news we were given. It has been one incredible roller coaster ride of emotions and sometimes we wondered if it would ever stop. We have been surrounded by amazing people near and abroad. We receive encouraging notes on a daily basis, the phone hasn’t stopped ringing (which we are totally fine with) and I think the one thing I have enjoyed the most is the time we spend with friends in our home. Chatting, praying and encouraging one another. We have also been overwhelmed by the GoFundMePage one of our closest friends started. It brings us to tears when we read some of the comments and see people giving towards my treatments their hard earned dollars. We have never been in this position before so it is hard to wrap our minds around. So to each of you who have either purchased a t-shirt or given financially and even those who have dropped off fresh vegetables thank you so, so much! Your kindness and generosity blows us away.

Last night we had a very important appointment with Integrated Health in Ft. Langely. Again, we really didn’t know what to expect but we were hoping that it would be better than the news we have been receiving lately. It was refreshing walking into the office. It was unlike walking into the cancer clinic in Abbotsford. No offense to our facilities here in Abbotsford, it just seemed to be a place filled with hope. Now that may sound corny to some but it’s true. After waiting for a few minutes, our doctor came out and greeted us and took us back to her office. Jamie commented on our way home how nice it was that she came out and greeted us rather than us being ushered into some small, dreary room and having to wait for a half hour. The meeting was amazing in my opinion. We asked 1000 questions, she was very thorough in her examination of me and her line of questioning. It was a fresh breath of air knowing that she is actually concerned about our well being and my overall health. One thing she said that stood out to me was that “no one can give you an expiry date.” I thought, wow, you are so right. Why didn’t I realize that before? Now obviously she isn’t saying that I won’t die or that I am going to die in 2 or even 5 years. The reality is no one really knows when they will die so we should all live our lives everyday as if it was our last. After the examination and all the questions, we got down to the nitty gritty. My treatments with Integrated health are going to be intense, but I am up for the challenge. After leaving the office tonight after nearly two and a half ours, for the first time in a while I felt as though hope is rising. Thanks for joining us on this journey. Until next time.

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