Family Health Update

Health Update

It has been a little while since I have given an update with my health, so I thought I would share what’s been happening. Besides the battles in my mind, I have felt overall pretty good. It is still hard to believe that it has been nearly 9 months since the diagnosis. I am still doing my Lymphatic & Vitamin C IV therapy treatments on a weekly basis. We continue to juice and eat as much plant based foods as possible. I have 5 different supplements I take to help my liver 3 times a day, and to top it all off – I do 10 enemas a day. It may seem like a lot, because it is. Getting healthy has been a full time job!

The plan is to have some blood work done in July, and a possible MRI. I meet with my doctor on a weekly basis for testing and all seems to be doing well. My liver has been under some pressure lately, but this week it seems to be doing a lot better. It is the result of moving so many toxins out of my body. One of the things my doctor asked me last week is if I ever feel any pain? I guess when you have tumours growing inside of you they begin to cause pain. I have not had any issues with pain from any if the supposed tumours. I continue to walk on a daily basis, and remain as active as possible.

This process was never going to be a 100 meter dash – we knew that coming in. It’s been quite the race so far, but it isn’t over yet – but it won’t be long.

So that’s it. That is pretty much what is happening with me regarding my health.

Thanks for all your continued love and support during this time.

On a side note…

Jamie and I are celebrating our 11th Anniversary next week. I am so excited to celebrate that day with Jamie! It is crazy to think we have been married for 11 years. I am very thankful for the first 11 years, and I am going to keep fighting for the next 50 + years.

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