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God Answered My Prayer

Now I understand that some may scoff at the title of this post, but I am ok with that.

Just say’in.

But honestly, He did.

A couple of weeks ago I had this idea of contacting some friends I know in the ministry and see if I could come and share our journey at their church one Sunday. Just as I was preparing to send an email, I had this sense that I shouldn’t send the email. I wrestled with that for a bit, because everything inside of me wanted to send the email. I didn’t send it. I just waited. Later that day, I had these words flash across my mind’s eye ‘pray about it. Ok. I know that voice. I have heard it before. So I right there I poured out my heart before the Lord. I felt at peace, and that I was just to leave things well alone. God had heard my prayer.

The very next day. Honestly, I am not making this up. I received a phone call from a gentleman inviting me to speak at an upcoming banquet. The very next day! Can you believe it? Now some out there may say, ‘just coincidence.’ Say that all you want to, but I know God answered my prayer. Does He answer all of them? No. Why does He seem to answer some, but not all? Good question. I don’t know why.

What I do know is He answered my very simple prayer. “God, would you open up doors for us to share the story You are writing with our lives.” He not only answered it the very next day, I have also been invited to two other places to come and share. It is so humbling, and yet exhilarating to know that God hears my prayers – that alone is enough for me!

Praying for more doors to be open…

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