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“We are going to beat this together!”

Were the words that echoed from my ND lips yesterday. Even now as I write this post, I am moved by what he said.

Each week I meet with the doctor to discuss how I am feeling and he does weekly testing. It is always interesting to see the results each week of the treatments I have had the week before. One of the things I have grown to enjoy during our weekly appointments are the random discussions we have. We talk about life, marriage, health, and a plethora of other topics.

This appointment we had been talking about some of the emotions I experience while detoxing. At times, my family tells me that I am not fun to be around. It has been difficult lately dealing with my emotions. One of the possible results while detoxing can be a change in one’s emotions. I have found during this journey that my emotions sometimes get the best of me. He was very helpful and encouraging, but what he said next was so powerful to me…

“We are going to beat this together!”

Man, I needed to hear that. It was the shot in the arm I needed to keep me focused, and determined for the road ahead. We all need encouragement on a regular basis. Life is tough, and it can throw some pretty crazy curve balls at you, but that’s why we all need encouragement.

Who in your life can you encourage today?

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