I’m not one who often dreams. At least I don’t remember them. In my lifetime, I have had a few reoccurring dreams that lasted for years as a young boy. They were scary dreams that happened every year at Halloween time. One dream involved a vampire who would visit our house every year at the same time to harm my family. In the dream I would hide and every time the vampire would find me, but I would wake up before he could harm me. This dream lasted about 6 years. The second dream involved my family as well. This time the dream revolved our family visiting an enormous ice palace. We would walk up to the front entrance that measured at least 60ft tall. The doors would open and we would walk in and up this elaborate ice stair case. When we got to the top of the stairs it opened up to this massive black hole. It was a bottomless pit. The only way you could get to the other side was by walking on this narrow ledge. Every time I had this dream our entire family never made it across to the other side. Fortunately, I never made it to the bottom of the pit because I woke up each time before I hit the bottom. This dream lasted for about 5 years.

These and a few other dreams have had a long and lasting affect on my life. This morning I awoke to another one of those dreams. The dream was no more than 45 seconds it seemed. I was in a room and a hand handed me a piece of paper. I reached for the paper and saw that it was blood work results. I don’t remember asking for blood work, but for whatever reason I had results awaiting. I looked at the bottom of the page and the area where my tumor markers are the number was 0. I couldn’t believe it! My jaw dropped and then it was over. I awoke to River nestled up beside me in our bed. He is such a cuddly kid! He tries to come into our bed almost every morning. Jamie wasn’t around as she had already left for a doctors appointment in Vancouver, so I wasn’t able to share my dream with her. I was so happy! I felt energized by this dream. In my mind I screamed, “Yes! I’m claiming this one.”

What about you? Are you a dreamer?

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