Do You Have A Hobby?

I was a very active kid. I was always outside playing in the forest behind our house with my friends building tree forts. If I wasn’t in the forest, I was somewhere on Maple Ave, playing with all the neighbourhood kids. I have many fond memories of my childhood. I was also very involved in our local sports scene playing hockey and soccer. Unfortunately, as I got older, the less active I became.

I had heard growing up how important it was for adults to have a hobby. Really? A hobby? Who needs a hobby? What good can a hobby bring to one’s life anyways? My entire adult life has been free of hobbies. Nothing has really caught my fancy. Obviously there are things I do enjoy doing from time to time, but I wouldn’t consider them a hobby. If I had a choice I would rather sit on my couch and watch TV.

That all changed a couple of weeks ago. ..

To help take back control of my thought life, I decided it was time to find a hobby. There are a lot of things I enjoy doing, but none have brought me as much fulfillment as educating myself and discovering how amazing a camera is. I have now begun to collect them. I am blown away by the ability to capture a moment in time and to have the capability to look at an image or even video footage whenever I want.


Thanks Johann Zahn for designing the first camera in 1685.

Having a hobby hasn’t just been about having fun and doing something constructive with my time. It has forced me to become motivated, in tuned with my surroundings, and to come alive with a new discovered passion. May we not keep our eyes focused on the pavement cautious of the puddles, but may our eyes be open to the landscapes, the architectural designs around us, and most importantly the lives we get to do life with every day. This is a new season. A season of new possibilities and dreams, what are you passionate about? Do you have a hobby? What is it? What would you like it to be if you could choose?

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