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Chemo Class

Today I had to go to what they call a Chemo Class. The purpose of this class is to inform those who are about to undergo chemo what to expect and what to watch out for. I spent two hours with 6 complete strangers all with similar stories. Each person was at least 65 years or older. It is still difficult at times to wrap my mind around how young I am compared to those I come across at the cancer clinic. We all gathered in a conference room as a oncology nurse shared her presentation about chemo and its potential side affects. There was a lot of information covered in our two hours. Nothing really earth shattering, but I was surprised by the lack of conversation around nutrition and even a natural approach to treatment. Conventional oncologists will in no way given any credit or validity to naturopathic approach to the treatment of cancer. To me, this is sad and wrong. So many people just accept what the oncologists say and don’t do enough research about what’s out there for treatment. For us as a family, we will do anything and everything we can and exhaust all our resources to make sure I am getting the best care for my diagnosis. Our hope as we walk this out is that we would have the opportunity to share with others our experiences. We definitely don’t know everything but what we do know we want to share it. I have a PET Scan scheduled for this Friday morning and my PORT will be put in not until October 1. I am told chemo will begin the next day. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

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