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Change Of Scenery

I am currently on Vancouver Island on a fishing trip with my father in law and a close friend. It has become a yearly tradition for my father in law and I to go on a fishing trip. This will be our eighth year together. We have gone to some incredible places throughout the years and this year we returned to a place we haven’t been to since our very first trip together. We are at Painters Lodge in Campbell River. This trip has been enjoyable for many reasons. The first being that my good friend Adam could join us. It has been fun with him because he has been such a huge help, source of strength and support through this difficult time. Another reason why this trip has been so enjoyable is the scenery. I believe BC is the most beautiful Province in all of Canada. I know that may be a pretty bold statement, but I believe it. Being here on this trip, at this time has been very special to me. Being out on the open ocean, watching wildlife in their natural habitat and breathtaking scenery has been a huge boost to my morale. Sometimes when we are facing something difficult, painful, or scary in our lives, I believe it is important we get a change of scenery from time to time to gain a fresh perspective. It has been helpful to me being in this type of environment and away from all the medical appointments and paperwork. Now I know these type of trips won’t always happen, but I am hoping that from time to time they do so I can experience a change of scenery. We all need them from time to time.


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