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The Start Of Something

I haven’t been Mr. Consistent lately with the blog. I wasn’t feeling all that great for about a month so I wasn’t that motivated to write much. The past couple of weeks have been very encouraging. I feel the best I have this entire process. I don’t know what happened, but something broke in my mind. There was a time where death consumed my every thought. I was constantly bombarded with negative, and destructive thoughts – well, not anymore! I…

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Family Health Journey Life Story Update

Some Words Are Hard To Shake

It’s not everyday you are told you will only have 6 months to live if you stop taking chemo. That’s what my oncologist told my wife and I nearly 6 months ago. His words still echo in my ears. Those words hit me like a freight train. My knees buckled. What are you suppose to do with news like that? I remember leaving his office in a fog. I was confused. What just happened? What did he just say? Jamie…

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Blog Family Health Journey Life Story Update

What A Ride!

No one hands you an instructional manual when you are diagnosed with cancer. Yes, sure, doctors do their best to prepare you for the upcoming battle, but nothing can fully prepare you physically, spiritually, and especially mentally for what you are about to face. You can read books, ask questions, watch testimonials, and do whatever else you would like to do, it still won’t be enough to fully prepare yourself and your family. This isn’t a 100 metre sprint. This…

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