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Red Flex Karaoke

I hope you enjoy! I made this silly little video the other day because let’s face it – we all need to be a little silly sometimes. Please don’t forget to subscribe too. Much appreciated!

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You Have To Have Fun Sometimes!

It has been pretty serious around the Sabourin household since last July. A cancer diagnosis can do that to a family. We have become more intentional about creating memories through the moments we experience each day. Recently, I got my hands on a DJI Phantom 4 drone, and decided to take it out for a quick flight. Well… it wasn’t as quick as I wanted it to because I crashed it. It was so much fun flying the drone – I felt like a kid all over again. I hope you enjoy!

BTW – it still works!

Family Fun

Make My Day!

The other day I took River out for a bike ride around Mill Lake and then we went to fly a drone. All I can say is River is awesome! Flying a drone wasn’t too bad either. Enjoy!