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Facebook Live

Yesterday I went onto Facebook Live to share some thoughts about our journey so far. It was so fun doing this. I was able to connect with childhood friends and family I haven’t seen or spoken to in many years. It can be amazing at times how technology can bring people together. It also has the ability to cause people to be not so ‘social.’

You can watch the rebroadcast below. Sorry that the video quality isn’t that great. You can thank Facebook for that. Thanks for watching!

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A Sad Day

It was a sad day yesterday. My dad and step mom flew back to Stratford, Ontario – my hometown.

They had been here for two weeks helping out, as Jamie and I were able to get away for a holiday with close friends. It was great having them here for so many reasons. Here are a few:

1. Just being with them! Because they live on the other side of our huge nation, we don’t see them often. It is awesome on so many levels having them in our corner during this time.

2. Time with our kids. This is always the highlight for me. It is always cool to watch the interactions my parents have with our three kids when they visit. I remember when I was a kid and all our family visits to my grandparents – so many fond memories!

3. Travel. It was such an amazing time away with Jamie, and our friends. Such an integral part in my recovery.

4. Memories. We created so many memories over the past two weeks. Hockey games to bedtime. Breakfast to crafts at the kitchen table. It is so important to create memories – they are eternal.

5. A clean house. Our house was immaculate when we arrived home. Our juicer, and kettle have never been so clean! All kidding aside, my dad and Carol were so helpful while they visited. From helping Nola add some cool curtains to her room, to fixing a few broken items around our house – we are so grateful for all the help over the past two weeks.

I could go on and on, but I won’t. It was a sad day, but we are looking forward to spending time with family in Ontario over the Christmas break. Only 272 more sleeps!

Thanks for all your help guys!