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You Have To Have Fun Sometimes!

It has been pretty serious around the Sabourin household since last July. A cancer diagnosis can do that to a family. We have become more intentional about creating memories through the moments we experience each day. Recently, I got my hands on a DJI Phantom 4 drone, and decided to take it out for a quick flight. Well… it wasn’t as quick as I wanted it to because I crashed it. It was so much fun flying the drone – I felt like a kid all over again. I hope you enjoy!

BTW – it still works!

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Such an incredible video!

An experimental time lapse created for SKYGLOWPROJECT.COM, a crowdfunded quest to explore the effects and dangers of urban light pollution in contrast with some of the most incredible Dark Sky Preserves in North America.

sky·glow (skī′glō′)
1. Brightness of the night sky in a built-up area as a result of light pollution:

SKYGLOW from Sunchaser Pictures on Vimeo.