Brief Update

It seems like forever since I last wrote anything. I haven’t been really motivated to write anything lately because I feel like I am in a slump. A writing slump that is. I have shared it before, but writing doesn’t come natural to me. I have to force myself to write something down, and I don’t know how many times I use the delete button.

There really isn’t much new happening right now. Last week I increased my Vitamin C IV therapy to two a day. I had a rough few days this week with not feeling too well. I guess that happens when you are riding your body of nasty toxins. Other than that, I am continuing with my treatment schedule as we continue to see improvements with the treatment protocol I am on. I am trying to add a little more exercise in my routine. Exercise and I have never really gotten a long, but I am trying to walk and ride my bike on a more consistent basis.

When I was first diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer I was devastated! It wasn’t soon after that I started to struggle with my thought life. I kept thinking about how damaged I was. I became quite depressed and hopeless. Suicidal even at times. My self-esteem took a few hits for a couple of months. I felt isolated in my mind, because I thought I was different from everyone else. I know had a ‘expiration date.’ Then I was walking home the other day from the doctor’s office I had an interesting thought pop into my mind. The thought was “Sean, you’re no different from anyone else. Everyone has an expiration date.” The thought just penetrated my heart. It is true. We are all the same. We are born. We live. We die. No one knows when they will be born. No one knows when they die (unless for the obvious reasons), but we all have a say in how we will live our lives! What do you choose?

Today, I choose life! I choose love. I choose to forgive. I choose to fight. I choose to keep going. I choose life!

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