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Bigger Picture

I can be quite narrow minded at times. Can’t we all? Today was a good day, especially at church. After church we went home and the family went to Point Roberts to spend some time on the ocean while I stayed at home. I got thinking about a bunch of different things but one thing in particular. Here’s the thought… with what we are going through right now, I need to understand that there is a bigger picture. I am a firm believer that things in life just don’t happen. I honestly believe there is a reason for everything. You may or may not agree with that statement and I am ok with that. I’m not here to convince you, I’m just sharing what I believe. As our family walks through this, we believe that God wants to do something. Not just in us, but in the lives of people who we come into contact with while we navigate this journey. We believe He wants to reveal Himself to people who do not know Him. We believe He wants to strengthen and encourage others who need it the most. Am I happy about what I am going through? In all honesty, I can say without any hesitation that I’m not, but I know there is a bigger picture. This is my prayer… God, Your will be done. I want my life to matter. I want to make a difference in people’s lives. I don’t just want to exist. I want my life to count for something. Some of you who may be reading this need to know that God did not give me cancer. He isn’t a mean, anger, distant God. He is the exact opposite. He is loving, patient, kind, and close to the broken-hearted and I trust Him. No question! 100%! He is in control and no matter what happens, God is still God and God is still good.

He loves you!

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