It’s hard to believe we are only 17 days away until Christmas and 24 days until a New Year. Where did 2015 go? With the holiday season approaching quite quickly, I have been asked numerous times how I am feeling so I thought I would take this time to give you an update with what has been happening with me and my health. If you were to ask me how I was feeling, I would respond by telling you I feel the best I have ever felt in my life. How can this be? They say I have cancer. To be honest, I have no specific answer to give you as we have done so much in the past few months, we don’t really know why I am feeling as good as I am. From a cancer standpoint, I don’t really have any symptoms. I feel good, my energy levels are increasing, I have gained a few pounds this week and my mental health is improving daily. My recent blood work looks good and all my ‘numbers’ are heading in the right direction. If you ask me, in some ways it doesn’t even seem like I have cancer, but the doctors tell me I do. It can be frustrating living like this. It’s like a waiting game. You live everyday as normal as possible, but there is always in the back of your mind this small, cloud of doubt. I can’t seem to escape it. It’s like a constant whisper in my ears, “You aren’t going to get better.” No matter what I do, how I live or what I eat, there just always seems to be this nagging thought that won’t leave. There is a daily battle that takes place in my mind and if I’m not careful, I will lose it. However, today, I am winning the war!

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