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A Keg Encounter

Last night we arrived in Toronto for the conference I will be sharing at this week end. After arriving and checking into our hotel, we met up with my family to have dinner at the Keg. It was fun being with my family who I don’t see a lot due to the fact we live in BC and they in Ontario. As we sat around the table and bantered back and forth our server came and began to take our drink orders. As he came to me and asked what I wanted to drink, I plainly stated I would be fine with water as a I do not drink. I didn’t think too much about my comment but for some reason our server Kyle did. At the end of our dinner, we all got up to leave and made our way to the front door. I hadn’t yet given my bill to Kyle but I saw him standing near the exit. I handed him the bill and thanked him for a wonderful evening. What happened next was unexpected. He asked me if he could talk to me for a second. I said “sure, no problem.” We backed into a dimly lit corner and he shared with me how my comment about how I don’t drink affected him. He said, “I don’t know what it is, but I am drawn to you and wanted to share that I struggle with drinking.” I was floored! What was happening? Do you remember how I have said often that there is a bigger picture to life. Well, this is a part of the bigger picture. This evening was more than a family going out for dinner, this was about a young man having the opportunity to share with a complete stranger about his struggles and to hear that there is hope! We spent about 20 minutes talking about his struggles and I shared with him about my struggles and how I overcame them. It was an experience I will never forget and hopeful he won’t too. We exchanged emails and I told Kyle that I would stay in touch and shared with him that he could call me anytime. As I left the restaurant, I felt invigorated. I had a small glimpse into the bigger picture. It wasn’t an accident we ended up going to the Keg. There was a reason and his name is Kyle.

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