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February 2016


Hockey In Hope

How many remember watching home videos on the old movie projectors from the 80’s? I sure do. Our family was obsessed with capturing as many moments as possible. It was always fun having family or friends over to watch what we had recently recorded. We had a machine that looked a little like this: Things are a little different today. I don’t know if we still have the old projector floating around somewhere, but we do have iPhones, and other…

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Family Life

Family Day – 2016

One of the things we are trying to do as a family is create more memories. As I have stated before, we are known to be a pretty boring family. Well, on Monday, it was Family Day here in BC. We decided we would pack up the Flex and head out to Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver. It was such a fun time! In the nearly 16 years I have lived in Bc, that was the first time I had…

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Journey Update

Next Steps

How are you doing? Amazing! Great! I feel the best I have ever felt! That is usually my response when people ask me how I am feeling/doing. I still find it difficult at times to wrap my mind around this diagnosis. Other than the treatments, and all the dietary changes I have made, I don’t feel like I have cancer. To be honest, I find it to be one of the most frustrating, and confusing experiences I have ever endured.…

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Journey Life

Try Something New

I am boring. Honestly. It’s painful to admit it, but it is true. Just ask my wife. Life defining moments have a habit of changing your perspective. You are often confronted by the harsh reality of your numerous foibles ~ (foible – a minor weakness or eccentricity in someone’s character.) Many revelations have come to light through this process. One glaring deficiency I became aware of was how boring I had become. I had lack motivation in many areas in…

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I Am So Glad I Did This

There are days when I like routine, and there are others when I don’t. Right now, routine and me are good – real good. When Jamie and I started our family, we had no idea what we had gotten ourselves into. A baby? What do you do with that? Well, 3 kids later, we still don’t have a clue to what we are doing as parents. What do babies have to do with this post you ask? Well, when we…

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