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February 2016

Family Journey Life My Story Update


It’s not easy asking for help. Our pride gets in the way. It can be embarrassing to ask for help. You are afraid of what others are going to think about you. What are people saying behind your back? There are a lot of ‘reasons’ that keep people from asking for help. No one wants to admit, or show weakness. But the reality is, we all need help. There are times and seasons in all of our lives when we…

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Journey Life Update


Gross. Disgusting. Repulsive. Are just a couple of words we use to describe scars. Let’s be honest, they aren’t the most beautiful things to look at. They can even be painful. The memory, or situation around why you have a scar in the first place that is. Many see their scars as imperfections. We live in a society where we try to cover up our scars. Our warts. Wrinkles. Our flabby skin. People take extreme measures to hide their scars,…

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Journey Life My Story Story Update

God Answered My Prayer

Now I understand that some may scoff at the title of this post, but I am ok with that. Just say’in. But honestly, He did. A couple of weeks ago I had this idea of contacting some friends I know in the ministry and see if I could come and share our journey at their church one Sunday. Just as I was preparing to send an email, I had this sense that I shouldn’t send the email. I wrestled with…

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Brief Update

It seems like forever since I last wrote anything. I haven’t been really motivated to write anything lately because I feel like I am in a slump. A writing slump that is. I have shared it before, but writing doesn’t come natural to me. I have to force myself to write something down, and I don’t know how many times I use the delete button. There really isn’t much new happening right now. Last week I increased my Vitamin C…

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