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March 2015


Praying For Our Trip To China

On Monday, April 6 I will be embarking upon a trip to China with Casey Bjorndal of Gideons International In Canada and two others for 8 days.  Here are a few ways you can pray for us: 1.  Safety – pray for our travel to and from China. 2.  Finances – we are trying to raise $10,000.00 for Bibles. 3.  Our Team – that God would use us to minister hope to those in the region. 4.  The People –…

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I’m Going To China

I can’t stop staring at the title of this post. Never in my wildest dreams did I think a trip like this would ever be possible. In April, I am traveling to China with a team led by my friend Casey Bjorndal of Gideons International In Canada. The church in China is the fastest growing church on the planet, but they have a great need for the Word of God. Watch this video to see what we will be doing.…

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My Story

It was pitch black and I couldn’t see a thing. All I could smell was vomit. Confused and and freezing cold all I could think about was, how did I end up here? Everyone has a story and this is mine – the Reader’s Digest version anyways. I was born in Scarborough, Ontario to a teenage mother who was on her way to prison. Rather than raising me in the prison system, she decided to give me something she would…

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Have you heard of Spotify? If you haven’t, well then you are missing out. Go and check Spotify out and heck, why don’t you follow me. Here is one of the many playlists I am listening to now. What are you listening to?…

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